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I was always interested in the law from a young age, and I had a very clear idea in my mind of what my route to legal practice would look like. Unfortunately, life often gets in the way of the best laid plans, and bereavement prevented me from getting the grades I needed to study law as an undergraduate.

An alternative route to legal practice

After doing some research I realised there were other paths I could take to get to my goal. I decided to study philosophy at university and after graduating I found a role at a local will writing firm, learning the basics of estate planning and private client law. I later studied a postgraduate masters law conversion degree to bring my broad theoretical knowledge up to speed.

After completing my masters, I found myself at another crossroads. I decided, instead of immediately pursuing a legal training contract, to find a role where I could build my knowledge and experience without incurring the costs of moving to a big city. I saw Co-op Legal Services were advertising a Wills and Estate Planning Paralegal role and I decided to apply. I was excited by the prospect of working for a large, well-known organisation like Co-op. And the remote working option they offered was really important to me, as the cost-of-living crisis meant I couldn’t afford to move away from home.

A range of options to progress my career 

Shortly after applying I was invited to a remote interview, and I was delighted after a couple of weeks to find out I’d been successful. I completed my training over a few days in the Sheffield office (all my travel and accommodation costs covered by the business), and my memories of those early days are overwhelmingly positive. Everyone was so supportive, it truly felt ‘co-operative’.

Having been in the role for 6-months now, I still get the same level of support I received on my first day, despite working remotely, and I’m constantly learning new things with each case I manage. I was surprised and encouraged that career progression was brought up in my very first 1-2-1. My potential career paths within CLS have been made clear to me from the beginning.

There are various study routes open to me to further my knowledge and expertise in Estate Planning and progression into the Wills Case Supervision Manager role. I could also pursue a training contract here, but now with the benefit of all the knowledge and experience I’ve built as a Paralegal. There’s so much to go after – I’m excited for what’s to come! 

Co-op is more than just a name 

For anyone considering applying to work at Co-op Legal Services, I can assure you that the ‘Co-op’ bit of our name has real meaning. Working here you’ll get great training, real flexibility, and ample opportunity to grow your career. And I guarantee you won’t find a more supportive and understanding team of people to work alongside in the legal world. 

Jordan Quibell

Will Writer / Estate Planning Paralegal

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