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What you’ll get out of joining

  • The chance to create things that benefit communities – you’ll be able put users (our customers, colleagues, members and communities) at the centre of everything you do here

  • Opportunities to learn from great people – we have an established team with diverse skills and experiences, and you’ll join a community of practice where you can share with and learn from these colleagues

  • Help to transform our unique business – you’ll help to introduce Co-op, a member owned business formed in 1844, to agile ways of working that can deliver change more effectively


Who we are 

The Co-op digital team is made up of a number of small, self-directed product teams. They typically include researchers, designers, delivery managers and product managers. Digital colleagues work with our technology teams and stakeholders from the business to create digital products, services and platforms.

We work in an agile way – that means we deliver products and services iteratively; testing the impacts of small changes and improvements, and learning about what works best for users. We also design things with user needs in mind, so the products and services we create do only what our colleagues and customers need them to do.

We’re passionate about using digital tools and ways of working to support the Co-op vision of co-operating for a fairer world. And we support colleagues’ development through our communities of practice, where digital people share knowledge and experiences which can help them progress on their chosen career path.


What we do

Since the digital team was formed in 2016, we’ve created lots of products and services for Co-op colleagues and customers. Some of our projects include Co-operate – an online platform aimed at bringing communities closer together. And Shifts – a web app that allows Co-op food store colleagues to view their work schedules and information about their pay and holiday entitlement. You can find out more about our work by visiting out blog (hyperlink:

As well as creating useful things for colleagues and customers, our digital teams also help Co-op to deliver change more effectively. We run ‘agile masterclass’ sessions which are available to all colleagues. And we’ve recently supported frontline colleagues through the coronavirus pandemic by re-prioritising our work to focus on things that helped them keep going.

Our ways of working meant we were set up well to do this – we were used to pivoting and changing direction and we were already collaborating with subject matter experts. Getting value into users’ hands quickly and iterating based on their feedback has always been what we’ve aimed for.


Who we look for

In the digital team we look for people who are user-centric and committed to agile, iterative ways of working. Co-operation is at the heart of everything we do, so everyone who joins us needs to be serious about working collaboratively with others to make things better for colleagues, customers and communities.

We regularly recruit across a wide range of jobs – from all kinds of different designers, to agile delivery managers and product managers.

As well as the many skillsets needed to fulfil these roles, we also need to bring in people from a wide range of backgrounds and perspectives in order to achieve our goals. We’re committed to building an inclusive digital team, and we believe all Co-op teams should reflect the rich diversity of the communities they serve.

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