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At the Co-op, we do retail differently. We’re owned by our members, so our values aren't just there for the sake of it. We put them into practice in stores throughout every one of our communities, while our amazing team supports local causes that make a difference. Because to us, it’s more than just customer service. 

Customer Team Members

It’s what we call a retail assistant or customer assistant. And we need you to be flexible with when you can work. Whether full time or part time, we’re there for our customers from the moment our doors open, right up to closing time. It’s important to get to know them and their community. You’ll also use your initiative to solve their issues quickly and efficiently. But being there for customers isn't just about presenting our products; it’s promoting Co-op membership too, and all the great things we do locally.

Am I right for retail?

You don’t need specific training for this job. Charm and people skills don’t require any qualifications, but you do need to be confident and work well as part of a team. From full time to part time, this is a career for those of us who easily relate to people and enjoy helping them. Here are a few more things you’ll bring:

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Customer Team Leaders

Got a bit more experience under your belt? This is where you get to take on more responsibility, not just as an advisor, but as a leader. Supporting the team and store managers, you’ll be the person your team turns to for help, advice and direction. And you’ll often be trusted with the key to open and close the shop. We’ll also look to you to do our daily checks to make sure the store is safe and sound.

Ready to lead?

It can get busy very quickly in retail, so you’ll need to take the lead no matter what the circumstances are. We get on with whatever needs doing, thinking on our feet to resolve any issues as and when they come up. And providing amazing customer service as standard. But what else will you need?

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Here’s to you

Our business might be set up to go the extra mile for customers and the community, but we can’t do it without you. Whatever you need to learn, develop and progress, you’ll find it here. Part time or full time, we’ll do what we can to fit shifts around you. That’s why we’ll always send you rotas 3 weeks in advance, so you can plan the rest of your life.

Now you know what it takes to work at Co-op, it’s time to find a role that suits you. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search by location.

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