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I started my journey into the legal profession via the conventional route, by going to university to study law and then completing my training contract. I always worked in private practice and until recently didn’t know any different. I slowly worked my way up the ladder until I was a partner in a law firm and head of the Wills & Probate department.

The further up the ladder I went, the harder things got. I had the same billing target, the same chargeable hours, but on top of this I had all the admin and team management responsibility. Eventually I got tired of the unrealistic expectations and never feeling I was on top of all my work despite working long hours and weekends. Suffering a bereavement was the trigger for me to start looking for a role where I could work in a different way.

Making a change…

I saw the position of Wills Case Supervision Manager advertised at Co-op Legal Services and thought it sounded perfect. The Co-op values really appealed to me, and I like that the role allowed me to use my expertise to support more junior members of staff. There were also no billable targets or chargeable hours, and you could even work part time which was great since I also had a young child. I had a remote interview, which was very relaxed and informal, and was given some Wills to check. Within a few days, I was told that I’d been successful and was offered the position.

A different pace of life

I joined Co-op 10 months ago and did my training (fully funded by Co-op) in the Sheffield office. I got loads of support and help in getting started and was welcomed into my new team. Even though I mainly work remotely I can go into the office whenever I want, and I quickly got to know the team well. They’re all so supportive and one of the best groups I have ever worked with.

The work is interesting and keeps me engaged and I love not having billable targets or trying to work out how I am going to fit everything into my day. I manage my own workload, without the worry that one phone call or an email might change the course of the day. I do my job and give it my all, but I can log off at the end of the day and enjoy my evenings and weekends without thinking about work. I can finally go on holiday and relax without worrying about what is going to be waiting for me on my return. It feels like I’ve finally found my ideal work/life balance!

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