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I started working at Nisa in 2018 as it was being acquired by Co-op. It was a very busy time across the whole business and in Supply Chain we were introducing a new range of Co-op products into the Nisa network to serve our many partners. 

It didn’t take me long to notice how supportive everybody was and how easy it was to access people at all levels within the organisation. It was clear that customers were at the centre of everything that was being done and discussed at Nisa. We all have visibility of how our work benefits colleagues, customers, members, and partners, and this always makes me feel like I’m adding real value. 

Adapting to a turbulent world 

It’s fair to say the last couple of years have presented some unprecedented challenges, particularly Brexit and the COVID-19 pandemic. In supply chain, we’ve faced staffing issues and uncertain demand caused by periods of panic buying. All this against the backdrop of adapting and implementing new ways of working from home during COVID. 

Although this period has been tough in many ways, adapting to these challenges has made my job more engaging than ever. It’s fast paced – one minute you’re talking to an accountant about financial results, the next you’ll be meeting stock controllers to review project progress. Then you’re taking time-out to think through some new ways of working, followed by leading a supplier meeting to discuss supply into our depots. This kind of variety means I never stop learning. 

Teamwork makes the dream work 

Despite the uncertainty, what is most apparent when I look back over the past couple of years, is the tremendous teamwork displayed across the whole business. Whatever has come our way, we’ve dealt with it effectively and with a smile on our faces. There’s a real focus on employee wellbeing and making sure everyone’s input is valued.  

With our social calendars disrupted by COVID, we’re fortunate to have a culture where people genuinely have an interest in each other’s wellbeing. We’ve recently recruited a new colleague to the team and in his words “it feels less like a formal company and more like a group of friends working together – it’s hard to recognise new starters against people who have been here a long time as the relationships feel the same.”  

This is a great testament to life at Nisa. It’s a real reminder of the importance of working with a team who share a common purpose and support one another through thick and thin. 

Nick Stockdale, 

Head of Supply Chain