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My journey as a Junior Buyer started in March this year. I’ve worked in retail since I was 16 and I’ve always been interested in learning more about how each product made it onto the shelves. A career in buying allows me to explore my passion for food and retail while working in an exciting and growing industry.

A place where the work you do matters

I chose to join Co-op due to their strong, community-focused values, as these are so similar to my own. Since becoming a Co-op colleague, I’ve seen how these values really shape the work we do, and it’s really rewarding to be part of an organisation so committed to helping our community. I’ve always wanted to build my career in a company where my values were just as important as my ability, and I’ve definitely found that with Co-op.

You’re supported every step of the way

There’s so much about the role that I love! No two days are the same and there’s always something new to learn. From new product testing and meeting suppliers, to choosing new product ranges – there’s so much interesting work to get involved in.

There have been some challenging moments, but these have given me the opportunity to learn and improve. Working at Co-op during the pandemic was tough, as dealing with the impacts on our supply chain was a huge task. However, my team was there to support and guide me whenever I needed it, and we were able to work our way through these challenges together.

A strong foundation for your future

My advice for anyone considering a career in buying is to go for it! If you’re enthusiastic about the food retail industry and you’re prepared to work hard, then this could be the perfect career for you.

Elizabeth Orme

Junior Buyer