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A flexible way to work 

I’m at university in Manchester in my final year studying International Business Management.  I’ve worked for Co-op for 3 years and started as a customer team member in my hometown of Blackpool during a summer break from uni.  I was able to transfer to the store in Oxford Road in Manchester when term-time started up and often work back in Blackpool during the holidays. 

First steps into a leadership role 

I’d wanted to become a Team Leader for a while and when my manager made me aware of an opportunity, I was so happy that I was successful in getting the job.  The fact that I could become a Team Leader and combine this with my studies was brilliant.  It’s an important role with a lot of responsibility, but what’s great is that you don’t have to have held a supervisory job before.  You do need to be organised and great with people.  You get all the training you need. 

Putting theory into practice 

 I completed a module on business ethics and sustainability as part of my studies and working at Co-op I was able to draw upon practical experience of a business that has fairness, co-operation, and community at the heart of everything they do.  From our commitment to fair trade, providing facilities to recycle soft plastics, and our compostable shopping bags, it’s a story of a successful business that also cares about its impact on the world. 

Stocking up 

A major part of the role is stock replenishment, keeping the displays on our shelves looking attractive and full, when you’re dealing with hungry students and busy shoppers it’s a challenge for all the team but it’s great to see full shelves ready for the next rush.  With stock I also must make sure that it is all accounted for, but we have technology in store to help us so that makes the job much easier. 

Co-op has a lot to offer 

When people think about Co-op, they might not realise just how diverse the business is.  With so many different business areas there are plenty of career paths to choose.  For me, I’m still undecided on what I might do once I finish my studies, but I will want to put my qualification to use so I’m exploring what Co-op might have to offer in something like HR or the commercial side of the business. 


Team Leader Oxford Road Manchester 

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