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I started my two-year property commercial apprenticeship back in September 2019and what a year and a bit it’s been. I never thought that I’d spend most of it working from home. My apprenticeship involves spending time with lots of different teams, so trying to make that work through a computer screen has been a challenge. I’m glad to say that I’m now in a place where everything is running smoothly. 

I’m currently working with the contract management team, which I’m really enjoying. It’s very hands on and I’ve been able to get involved every stage of the tender process. I’m also working on my transferable skills like time management and influencing. 

In addition to the practical side of things, I spend one day a week on the academic part of the apprenticeship. As someone who was never sure if college was for me, an apprenticeship offers me the chance to get a qualification and work at the same timeIt really is the best of both worlds. 

My Co-op Academy education led me here 

went to the Co-op Academy in north Manchester and co-operative values and principles were very much at the heart of my education. 

During my time there, I did two weeks of work experience at Co-op. It was then that I knew that an apprenticeship was right for me, and I haven’t looked back since. Some of my best moments so far include a trip to London to see some stores there and overseeing some of my own projects.  

The people are what makes Co-op stand out for me, everyone has been so welcoming and supportive. As a team we manage over 6,000 buildings so there’s always someone new to talk to or something new to learn.  

I’m not sure what job I’ll end up after my apprenticeship, but I know it’ll lead to me to many more exciting opportunities and experiences in the Co-op 

Amy-Louise Arthur, 

Property Commercial Apprentice