British Red Cross Partnership

We’re supporting the British Red Cross and are working in partnership with them to raise money to help combat loneliness in the UK. We’ve raised £4million over the last year and are committed to further fundraising until March 2017

We’ve also written a research report into loneliness. This brought together insights from 100 pieces of existing research, 45 experts, 100 people who have experienced loneliness, and over 2,500 members of the public.

The results were staggering

They highlighted how more people, across many more areas of society than you’d imagine suffer from loneliness. And, by identifying who these people are, we’re able to focus on how we target and support them with long-term, sustainable solutions.

  • Young mums
  • Recently bereaved
  • Divorced or separated
  • Empty-nesters or retirees
  • Mobility issues
  • Health issues

How we’re helping

We’re helping to fund new British Red Cross services in 39 locations across the UK, reconnecting 12,500 people who are experiencing loneliness. In particular:

  • Our Funeralcare business is expanding their ‘clubs for the bereaved’, helping thousands of people across the country at a difficult time in their lives
  • Our Insurance business, in partnership with Neighbourhood Watch, is refreshing and expanding the network, to help strengthen communities and bring neighbours together
  • We're supporting any colleagues who may be experiencing loneliness, by improving our employee assistance programme and pre-retirement support
  • Our Membership proposition will support thousands of community groups, helping to build strong community connections that could help many individuals.

Our Red Cross partnership is something we’re incredibly proud of and passionate about. Please get involved in any way you can and a huge thanks to those colleagues who have already.

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