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Finding my passion for property

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I look forward to coming to work every day, I enjoy my job, my studies and learning from the people around me. I’ve had so many different experiences at Co-op. I’ve worked in insurance, membership, accounts, now I’m creating a great career for myself in property. 

Always challenge yourself

I love a new challenge and one of the great things about working at Co-op is that there are lots of opportunities to get involved in things unexpectedly. Most recently we were given the chance to apply to work in our temporary store at Latitude Festival.

I applied the moment I heard about it. Luckily, my application was accepted, because it was just one of the best experiences. My shifts in-store were 6.45am to 3pm leaving time for me to go and enjoy the bands, but honestly, my favourite place to be was in the store. We had our own DJ, we did the conga with customers, we sang and danced throughout the weekend and we shared our story as a co-operative with the many people who welcomed us, it was a great place to be.

The following week I came back to my day job with the biggest smile on my face and a huge appreciation for everybody involved in the process of launching a store.

Finding my career in Property 

I found my passion for negotiation whilst working in the Consents team. I loved being involved and learning more and really enjoyed it when we were given the opportunity to go out on site. It helped me realise that this was the type of work I wanted to pursue as a career.

I’m studying part-time for a Masters in Real Estate and Property Management at Salford University, and my colleagues are supporting me through mentoring, helping me to become the best I can be. I’ve recently been promoted to a new role in the Food Retail Acquisitions team as Assistant Regional Acquisitions Manager and I have recently enrolled onto the APC and will begin working towards my RICS accreditation this year. I’m hoping to be a qualified Chartered Surveyor within the next few years. 

Co-op has gone above and beyond to support me in my career and to help me balance my job and my studies. I didn’t know what I wanted to do when I was in college and that was a little scary, but after college, I took a chance on Co-op and started working in their Insurance call centre and I’m so glad I did. My advice to people is to find a company to work for with a good culture like Co-op and take a chance on a role there. You never know where it will take you. 

Sophie Leigh

Assistant Regional Acquisitions Manager