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Careers in Retail Management

There are plenty of opportunities to develop and progress at Co-op. Whether that means leading your own team or managing one of our stores. There’s a lot of responsibility – but it’s not without its rewards. It’s what we do.

Ready to join us as a manager?

This is your opportunity to improve your skills and experience in a retail management role unlike any other. At Co-op, you’ll get a sense of purpose you might not find in other retail manager roles. The way we treat our customers makes a big difference in our communities. You’ll get to know people and do everything to make sure your store has a positive effect on their lives. It may involve training your team to spot customer’s needs. Or it could be promoting one of our many community programmes or charity projects. Either way, your commercial awareness and community spirit will be the driving force for your store. Especially when signing up new members who believe in what we believe. A management role in one of our stores is one you can be really proud of.

What does ‘management material’ look like?

Being a manager at the Co-op is different to other retailers. Not just in terms of the impact you make locally, but the work you put into your store. You need to roll up your sleeves and work closely with your team to get things done - from bringing out fresh stock to welcoming and serving customers at the tills. Along with the management responsibilities that come part and parcel with the role. It’s worth every moment, but it’s a challenge as well. So here are some skills you will need to bring to the role:

The difference you can make

Our unique setup in the community means we can do things other businesses can’t. We help people because we want to – so there’s a lot more you can do to improve your community than you think. Take a look.

Catherine talks about why she loves being a store manager and enjoys working in her local community.

Now you know what it takes to work at Co-op, it’s time to find a role that suits you. Use the search bar at the top of the page to search by location.

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