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There’s a saying that ‘if you look after the pennies, the pounds will look after themselves’. And we think it’s true. We’re a multi-million pound business, with a complex portfolio of activities. Add to this continued steady growth and our unique ethical focus and you’ll quickly see why Finance here is so critical, so stimulating and so varied in its scope.

Made up of specialists, accountants and a support team from a range of backgrounds, our Finance Team works with Senior Management, in each business, to create a strong control environment and a united, disciplined approach to MI, budget design and accounting. 



This independent function is empowered to work with lots of different areas, across the business, in order to identify any issues, and help improve them. Checking to see how risks are being managed, and then giving assurances on them, roles here are incredibly exciting and varied. For example, one day you could be auditing information security, the next, expenses. 

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