Apprenticeships at the Co-op

It takes all kinds of people to make a business work. So our nationwide apprenticeships are open to everyone with the right levels of skill, enthusiasm and understanding. If you have a genuine passion for customer service, a willingness to learn and a strong sense of community, you could really go places at the Co-op. We believe in working together, so take a look at all we can offer you and come share in our success.

Welcome to our Co-op


What’s in it for you

An Apprenticeship at Co-op is not just about what you can do for us.
These are just some of the things you can expect in return.

  • 80% – 100% of
    a full salary
    during training

  • Training, support
    and qualifications
    up to degree level

  • A shared sense
    of value and

  • A chance to give
    back to the community
    through local causes
    and social schemes

  • Happy Customers -
    over 4.5 million active
    and satisfied members

  • A full-time job during
    and on completion
    of training

  • Opportunities
    for career

Apprentice roles

How to apply

All of our apprentices go through
the same four-step application process.

  • Online Application

    Submit initial application quickly and easily via this website.

  • Online Tests

    Complete a basic Maths and English test.

  • Interview

    If successful, take part in a telephone or video interview.

  • Assessment Day

    Attend an assessment day to demonstrate strengths and personality.

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