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A lasting impression

Co-op has always had a great reputation in my hometown. When I was little, Co-op would give Fairtrade talks at my primary school, and they funded a new playground. Even at that age, I knew the business was doing something good, and I’ve always admired Co-op for getting involved in the communities they work in.

When stars align

When the coronavirus pandemic started, I took a break from studying at university and started looking for jobs. Eventually, I found out that Co-op were offering apprenticeship placements for solicitors, so I decided to apply and got the job. It’s funny how things work out. For me personally, it’s been a blessing in disguise, and it feels great to be working for a company that cares.

Getting started

When the course first started, it was just me and 6 other successful applicants. Our trainers walked us through the support Co-op Legal Services provides, like probate, family law, personal injury law, and then we had the chance to ask lots of questions. The guys leading our course are so helpful and supportive, and it’s great to have access to so much experience when you need it. Right now, I’m working as a legal assistant. I’ve not been on the job for long, so I’m still settling in and getting used to the systems Co-op uses, but everyone on the course is lovely, and so are all the people on my team.    

Working at Co-op

Doing an apprenticeship is the perfect way to gain experience and qualifications. I asked the other guys on my course what their favourite thing about being an apprentice at Co-op was, and this is what they said:

Unlike university, you get the opportunity to learn on the job. Plus, you get around-the-clock support from professionals working in your field. Most of our colleagues already have law degrees, so being able to walk a few steps and get the advice we need is invaluable – I didn’t get that at uni. I’ve met lots of amazing people on my course so far, and I’d recommend it to anyone looking to become a solicitor. Every day is a school day, and I can’t wait to become a fully qualified member of the Co-op team.


"Learning while working." - Shanice Mills


"We get to shadow Case Handlers and see what our job will be like once we have progressed." - Ticarra Morrison


"Our assigned trainers are always available to support and help us when needed." - Maddison Small


"The opportunity to progress within the workplace." - Eleanor Carr


"Being surrounded by experienced colleagues." - Courtney Craze

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