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Andy's Story

Protecting our colleagues, systems and data

There were a number of reasons the Co-op stood out for my next career move. The position advertised was exactly what I was looking for, as I wanted to move into a purely information security focussed role and become part of a larger team where I could learn from others and develop my knowledge.  Just as important were the ethical reasons for joining; the way Co-op gives back to the community, embraces diversity and champions the break down of barriers to help with mental health issues, all of which is really important to me.

Putting security at the heart of the business

It’s a rewarding role to help improve the security of the Co-op. With the ever increasing number of breaches and attacks that are well publicised in the press, there is never a more important time to put the right people and technologies together to protect our colleagues, systems and data. The fact we’re also working through our digital transformation journey means security has to be at the centre of what we do. It’s important to work hand in hand with other areas of the business to guide and educate colleagues on the importance of information security. I’m really passionate about the topic and it’s encouraging to work alongside others who feel the same, putting security at the heart of business.

The importance of our values 

The Co-op values are so important to every colleague, and this is felt throughout the business. We really are “One Co-op” and we all understand that what we do has an impact, in and outside of the business.

The biggest challenges I’ve encountered so far are the sheer volume of systems we need to support and the differences in language from what I’ve used previously. The only way to get past these obstacles is by not being afraid to ask questions and just get stuck in and involved so I can learn and understand as much as possible. 

A shift in mindset

Although I am just at the start of my career journey with Co-op. I’ve seen a big shift in my mindset to thinking longer term and more strategically, these skills are something I’ve acquired through the mentoring of the wider team. I’ve had great support from my fellow architects and management, it’s always nice to have regular and encouraging feedback, it makes me feel valued for who I am and my individual contributions.

Andy Ley

Architect, Information Security