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Roan's Story

I feel the caring spirit of Co-op every day, in and out of work

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I started working for Co-op eleven years ago as a Customer Team Member. It was at that time that I met my partner Donna. We worked together for four years until she had to stop working due to the development of her genetic disorder, Huntington’s disease. Since then her condition has deteriorated and she now needs round-the-clock care which I help provide alongside working full-time. 

At first I thought being a carer would mean career progression would be off the table. However thanks to the support of Co-op and my colleagues I’ve still had fantastic opportunities to progress. 

The colleagues I work with know me, care for me and are willing to swap shifts when I need it or step in if there is ever an emergency. Being surrounded by such amazing people gave me the flexibility and confidence to progress into a store manager role when the opportunity came. The Co-op understands that colleagues may need to balance their work with caring responsibilities and their Carers’ policy supports this.

Recently, my Area Manager started a fundraising campaign to buy Donna a new powered wheelchair. In just three months, our community raised an unbelievable £4,100. It’s dramatically improved life for us, but it’s also been so inspiring to see how much people will do for other people. I feel the caring spirit of Co-op every day, in and out of work.

Roan Irving

Food Store Manager

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