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My Dad worked for the Co-op as a Driver for around 15 years, and he always told me how much he enjoyed it. I joined the team about 5 years ago, starting as a Warehouse Operative. But in 2018, I decided to take the leap and give the Driver Apprenticeship Scheme a chance. 

Climbing the ladder 

Since then, I’ve developed from a Warehouse Operative to a Class 2 HGV Driver. The apprenticeship helped me earn my driving qualification and class 2 licence at work, which I’d never have been able to do without Co-op's support. It was all ‘on-the-job learning’, so time management wasn’t an issue. I also got the opportunity to complete a first aid course as part of the programme, so I’ve learned lots of new skills.   

A different kind of business 

Co-op does a lot for the community, and I love the team spirit. I started the Driver Apprenticeship Scheme with three new colleagues, and we’ve become great friends. The other drivers always help me find the best routes and I always feel supported by the team. 

Taking the leap 

If you’re a woman thinking about going into transport role, don’t let anyone tell you it’s not a 'female job'. There are more female drivers out there than people realise, and Co-op colleagues are always supportive and friendly. I’d recommend Co-op to anyone thinking about starting a new career in transport. Just be yourself. It’s a role for everyone, and Co-op is a great place to work. 

Rebecca Pragnell, 

Apprentice HGV Driver