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Eve's Story

Why I chose Manchester 

People often tell me I’m mad for leaving Cornwall to move to Manchester. There are no lovely beaches here and the weather isn’t so great! Cornwall is a lovely holiday destination but there aren’t as many career opportunities. I moved to Manchester to widen my career prospects and get a taste of city life.  

I joined the Co-op as a Candidate Marketer in the resourcing team in May 2018. As a business with real ethical purpose, the Co-op really appealed to me. Co-op is also one of the biggest employers in the city centre, meaning there’s lots of room for progression and development. I’ve been able to take advantage of these opportunities, as I’ve just started an apprenticeship with the Co-op, to study the CIPD qualification. 

More than just a job 

Working as part of the resourcing team, I understand that finding an ideal role isn’t just about the job itself. There are so many factors influencing our decisions, from commute time to culture fit. This year, I attended an event that highlighted the benefits of working here in Manchester.* It really resonated with me, as I’ve experienced these benefits myself. I’ve also been able to help other colleagues find their perfect role at our support centre, relocating from around the UK.  

The best place to live in the UK 

I chose Manchester because it has exciting things going on, like London, but without the ‘big’ scary feel to it. It’s a lot smaller in comparison, so it’s easier to get your bearings.  

A few years ago, if you were thinking about the best city in the UK to live, a city with great career prospects, social life, and accessibility - you might think of London. However, Manchester has just claimed the top spot for the best place to live in the UK for the 8th year in a row. We’re a city with strong and growing career opportunities, an affordable way of living and great work-life balance. More and more people each year are relocating up north to take advantage. 

Manchester is home to Co-op's support centre, 1 Angel Square, where 3000 colleagues are based in our modern offices. There’s a great vibe hereBeing right in the city means you can easily head out for lunch or after work. The building itself has everything you would need, coffee shops, a restaurant, gym and of course, a Co-op store.  

The Cost of Living 

The cost of living was a huge factor for me when deciding to move to Manchester. I wanted to be able to comfortably afford my rent and bills, with enough money left over to take advantage of all the social activities here. The cost of living up north is a lot lower than London; renting a property is 49% cheaper, buying a house is 62% cheaper, even coffee is 25% cheaper!  


It’s really easy to get around in Manchester, we’re spoilt when it comes to public transport. We have trains, trams, buses and even a free bus. The average commute time is 54% less than if you were living in London and commute costs are 42% cheaper too. 

Social and Culture 

I love living in Manchester because we’re an ethnically diverse city, and whatever your interests or hobbies, there is always something going on. There are great transport links out of the city too, and I love visiting other cities nearby, and being close to the peak district for a weekend hike. 

Eve Nichol, 

Candidate Marketer 

Source: Total Jobs 'The Rise of the Northern Pound'

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