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Debbie's Story

I love that Co-op values people, and always does the right thing

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When I joined Co-op Insurance 8 years ago, I was happy to be back at a business that cares. I’d previously worked for a company where customers and colleagues didn’t seem to matter and it’s so important to me to work for a business with ethics I share.

In my role as a Social Media Specialist, I’m responsible for social media campaigns and technical SEO, working with my colleagues in the web team. It’s pretty special to develop a campaign and see it come to life and how people react on social media. 

It makes me really proud to know that the products and services we offer our customers are making a difference. When new customers buy a car or home insurance from us, we offset 10% of their carbon emissions for the first year. 

A few months ago, we decided to find out more about the people whose lives are being transformed by the results of that offset. I was incredibly lucky that, as part of my job, I got to travel to Ghana to find out about our cleaner cooking stove project. Project leaders train local people to manufacture the stoves from recycled metal, make the ceramic liners and then sell them to retailers at a fair price. I think it’s brilliant because it’s not charity: it’s a project that helps people establish businesses and get jobs at the same time. 

I love that Co-op values people and always does the right thing, even when no one’s watching. 

Debbie Aspery
Social Media Specialist, Insurance